Moving to Spain - Relocation Guide

Once you’ve decided to pursue your dream of moving to Spain, the next steps can be overwhelming. We’ll make it easy with everything you need to know – from where to buy, what to buy and how to buy.

Buying Guides

Step by Step Guide To Buying a Property in Spain

Buying your dream home requires some work but it shouldn't be difficult. We make it easy with our step by step guide.

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Types of Property in Spain

If you've decided to move to Spain, there are many different types of property to choose from. Choose what's right for you with our detailed guide.

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Location Guides

Best Place to Live in Spain - Location Guide

Discover the most popular regions of spain, from the Costas to the Islands. Find out where the best place is to live in Spain with our guide.

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Climate in Spain - Location Guide

Spain is not just sunshine but has a wide range of different climates. Find out about the weather across Spain and what you can expect year round.

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Life in Spain

Why Move to Spain - Country Guide

Thinking of moving to Spain but need some more information? Here we look at all the reasons it's a good decision to live in Spain.

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Healthcare System in Spain

Find out how to sign up to the free Spanish healthcare system, or apply for health insurance with our easy guide.

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