Why we listen more than we talk.

Why we listen more than we talk.

Why we listen more than we talk.

I read an article late last year that really struck a chord with me.

It was from a chap called Jim Koch.

He's an American who has built up a $2 billion brewing business – Boston Beer.

He started off in 1984 having spent years earning top degrees at Harvard University and working as a consultant.

The thing that really registered with me was something Jim said about selling.

Shortly after starting Boston Beer, which has evolved into a $2 billion craft beer empire, Koch realized that in order to get his first beer brand to market, he first needed to learn how to sell it.

And that's something the prestigious Harvard Business School had never taught him.

He added: "We've been culturally trained to think that selling is an ignoble activity — but I learned, against all my expectations, that done right, it is very noble. You are helping the customer achieve their objectives, so you have to learn to listen and empathize."

It's those last three words that leapt out – 'listen and empathize'. It's what we do at Premium Spain Homes.

Too many agents will push their agenda on people when they come over looking for their place in the sun.

We take the opposite view, we will take the time to listen to what the people want from their dream home.

Do they want to be within walking distance to the beach?

Do they want to be in a rural setting? In a predominantly ex-pat area or in a mainly Spanish neighbourhood? What's their ideal budget?

The stereotype of many agents is that they are slick talkers with a shiny line in patter.

I don't think that's beneficial to the people we are trying to help.

So we use (and always have) those two simple rules set out by the beer billionaire when helping people find a casa in Spain.

  1. Listen intently. Let the person tell us what they want not vice versa.
  2. Empathize – By putting ourselves in the person's shoes we can come up with the best suggestions for them.

So if you have any questions about buying your dream property in Spain give us a call.

We promise we'll listen, learn what you really want and advise you correctly and honestly.

Thanks for reading.


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